No marriages on 2010 Akshay Tritiya

Remember the Abhi-Ash wedding on Akshay Tritiya in 2007? Since then, this auspicious day on the Hindu calendar has been the most sought-after date for marriage. But there will be no marriages on May 16 this year. For, almost after a century, plane-tary conjunctions are not good this time and there is no shubh ma-hurat or shubh lagna for tying the much-awaited knot.

"Though the tithi falls on the third day of the bright half (Shukla paksha) of Vaishakh when the sun and moon are simultaneously at their peak of brightness and every moment of this day is considered auspicious, both Venus and Jupiter are combusted this year and several doshas of the nakshatra fall on that day, marriages are a strict no no," warned Delhi astrologer Sameer Upadhyaya.

"Going by legend, Akshay Tritiya marks the first day of Treta Yug. It is on this day that Lord Vishnu was incarnated as Parshuram. This accounts for the day to be auspicious enough for the couples to get into wedlock without any prior mahurat. But this year, both because of planetary combination and this Vaishakh being adhik-mas or malmas, no marriages should be solemnised. So, one can only look for shubh mahurats only after May 28," said Mukeshwar Mishra, another astrologer of repute.

"Normally on Akshay Tritiya, a rare and extremely auspicious combination of sthir yog and saubhagya karan makes it more spe-cial for marriages. However, 2010 is an exception. The stars are not favourable for any auspicious ceremony, be it marriage, upanayan, grih pravesh, namkaran, etc." said Acharya Mithilesh Mishra of Varanasi.

The Mithila Panchang is an exception though as priest R N Thakur says: "According to our almanac, marriages can be solemnised af-ter May 15." No other almanac has any shubh mahurat before the end of this month.

Amitesh Mishra and Shruti Samant, both working as executives with a private bank, had planned to tie the knot on Akshay Tritiya. "They were very disheartened when their priest said the day is not auspicious," said Mitali, their colleague.

Same was the case with Navneet, US-based architect, who desper-ately wanted to enter into wedlock this Akshay Tritiya. His fiancee, Anamika, is also dejected as all her plans to fly out this year have gone awry.
"Our elders did not approve of the marriage on this date," she sighed.

Buying gold and silver is a popular activity on this day. However, this year, jewellers, too, are apprehensive many may not prefer to buy gold.

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  1. i s it true actually v hv also tried to do marriage on this date but could not do because of some other reason ......n because of that v r in sheer it true????that this Akshay Tritiya its not a good muhurat